What can we expect from the General Election in Horsham and Arundel and South Downs

Now the polls have closed we take a look back to the last General Election in 2017.

Thursday, 12th December 2019, 10:30 pm

Two years ago in Horsham Conservative Jeremy Quin took 36,906 votes, almost 60 per cent of the turnout, to become MP for the town.

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These are the candidates standing to be Horsham’s MP at the 2019 General Electio...

Labour’s Susannah Brady came second with 13,422 votes and Liberal Democrat Morwen Millson got 7,644 votes.

Catherine Ross of the Green Party took 1,844 votes and 1,533 people voted for UKIP candidate Roger Arthur.

Raymond Smith of the Something New party gained 375 votes and Jim Duggan of the Peace Party took 263 votes.

In 2017 in the Arundel and South Downs constituency Conservative Nick Herbert, who has stood down for the 2019 campaign, took 37,573 votes.

In this year’s election former Sky boss Andrew Griffith is standing for the Tories.

Two years ago Labour Party candidate Caroline Fife came second with 13,960 votes and Liberal Democrat Shweta Kapadia came third with 4,783 votes.

Green Party candidate Johanna Prior took 2,542 votes and John Wallace of UKIP took 1,668.

In Horsham there was a 75.03 per cent turn out and in Arundel and South Downs 75.97 per cent of voters turned out.