When thousands of tons of wood washed up on Worthing's beaches

Eleven years ago, thousands of tons of timber washed ashore in Worthing.

Monday, 14th January 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 7:33 pm
Thousands of tons of timber washed up on Worthing's beaches in January, 2008

The wood had come from the stricken ship Ice Prince and the resulting phenomenon on the beach attracted visitors from far and wide.

The Ice Prince had run into difficulty off Dorset on January 14, 2008
The wood that washed up five days later forced the closure of Worthing's beach
The waves pushed the wood high up the shingle
Piles of wood stretched for miles along the shore
A bird's eye view of the wood between Worthing Pier and the Lido
People travelled from miles around to see the incredible sight
The timber was a sight that had to be seen to be believed
Worthing Lido flanked by planks
The incredible sight drew visitors from across Sussex to Worthing
Worthing's then-mayor Heather Mercer at Worthing Pier
Police warned people taking timber could see them hit with a £2,500 fine
A police van on Shoreham Beach, complete with a sign warning against looting the wood
The view from Widewater across Shoreham Beach
Southwick Beach did not escape the wood
More of the wood that washed ashore at Southwick
Clearing up the wood at Littlehampton
The wood was big news, locally and nationally
The wood washed up right along Worthing's beach
The timber remained piled high for days
The waves continued to wash wood ashore over the weekend
Getting a close-up picture of the impressive spectacle
The wood required a massive clean-up operation to be organised
Diggers started to clear the beach between Worthing Pier and the lido on Tuesday, January 29
Chipping equipment was brought in to deal with the wood
Much of the beach remained closed while the clean-up efforts continued
Worthing's fishermen were unable to get their boats out to sea until Sunday, January 27
Originally, the wood was going to be sold but was later deemed to be worthless
On Monday, March 10, severe storms washed piles of the planks out to sea and then back to shore
On April 1, 2008, Worthing Borough Council announced all 2,000 tons of timber had been cleared