Who are Worthing woman’s life-savers?

Antonia Gawn recovering at Worthing Hospital
Antonia Gawn recovering at Worthing Hospital
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A FAMILY are searching for the mystery life-savers who helped keep their mother alive.

Antonia Gawn was crossing the same East Worthing road she does every morning as a lollipop lady, when she suddenly started to have a heart attack.

Mum-of-three Antonia, known as Toni, desperately stumbled across to the other side of Brougham Road, at the junction with Ham Road, as she started to collapse.

She was due to spend an evening with her husband Phil at The Smugglers pub, but needed to stop off at the convenience store on

the other side of the road.


Her daughter Kirsty, 24, said: “Mum nipped to the shop while dad ordered their drinks at the pub, but as she was crossing the road she started to collapse.

“Luckily, she got across to the other side but her heart stopped as she fell to the ground.

“Some passers-by stopped to help mum and thankfully they started CPR and called for an ambulance.”

The brave first aiders continued to try resuccitating Toni, who had stopped breathing and was unconscious, until the ambulance arrived.


Kirsty added: “The paramedics had to shock my mum’s heart nine times to try to get in going.

“By the time her heart was beating again and my dad had realised what was happening, the strangers had walked off.

“We have no clue who they are and really want to thank them for saving mum’s life.”

Toni, 53, of Meadow Crescent, was admitted to intensive care at Worthing Hospital on Thursday, February 24, before being moved to the high dependency unit and then on to a cardiac ward where she is still receiving treatment.

Anyone who knows the mystery life-savers should contact reporter Sarah Dale on 01903 282363.