Wilbraham turns 100

Wilbraham celebrating turning 100
Wilbraham celebrating turning 100

READING regularly and putting the world to rights has helped a Findon man become the first in his family to reach 100.

Wilbraham Knight, of Maytree Avenue, Findon Valley, celebrated his big day with family celebrations on Friday, August 3, and visits from old friends and neighbours over the weekend.

His son, Anthony Knight, 67, said his dad was an excellent ballroom dancer and up until recently an avid reader.

He said: “He was a very enthusiastic dancer with his wife, until she died in 1991.

“All the reading is how he has kept his mind so applied, and he still puts the worlds to right.”

Wilbraham worked in cotton mills for most of his life, as he was not allowed to serve in the Second World War because of a heart murmur.

His work took him all over the world, including Egypt, Chile and Pakistan.
His daughter-in-law, Mary Knight, 65, said when he retired he also enjoyed gardening, current affairs, and keeping up with the football.

“I do not know how he has done it,” she added.

“He is the first man in his family to have lived past 80, I think. He is very mentally alert.”

Wilbraham has two grandchildren, Rebecca, 31, and Sarah, 29.

Mary added: “Even at 100, Wilbraham doesn’t take any medication.” .