Winter donations help people ‘when they need it most’

W03061H14 Winter Warmers campaign set to make a 'massive difference'
W03061H14 Winter Warmers campaign set to make a 'massive difference'

BAGS full of warm winter wear have been handed over to Age UK and Worthing Churches Homeless Project following the conclusion of our Winter Warmers campaign.

Staff from both charities have spoken of the ‘massive difference’ your generosity will make to their clients.

Rachel Blair, community fundraiser for WCHP, said: “We want to say a massive thank you. We are really grateful, it makes a massive difference. We couldn’t do half the things we do without the support of the people of Worthing.

“It’s important for our clients to know people in their community have thought about them and made donations. It really does make a difference. They are quite often amazed people have bothered about them.”

The charity receives visits from around 20 people every day. If the weather has been really wet Rachel said that the clothes of some clients could be ‘unusable’.

“We are coming up to the coldest part of the year and will be handing out clothes to people when they really need them. It will benefit their physical well-being, when people are on the streets it’s important to maintain their health. Being able to provide these clothes is a really good resource,” she said.

Sue Rixon, from Age UK, added: “Thank you so much for your amazing generosity via the Herald & Gazette’s Winter Warmers campaign.

“We have been very pleased to receive the selection of good quality hats, coats and garments, in all sizes.

“This clothing will be distributed and will make a difference to many peoples lives.”

The Worthing Lions Club played a large part in our campaign.

The charity got on board from the first week and have contributed bag after bag of warm clothing ever since.

Marian Down, PR officer for the Worthing Lions, said: “We are a Worthing based charity for the people of Worthing and we are only too pleased to help with things like this.”

If you have items for the charities and did not manage to bring them to the Herald & Gazette, both WCHP and Age UK will accept them directly.