Wives of men with brain injuries share their experiences

Simon and Michelle MacDonald
Simon and Michelle MacDonald

THE wives of two men who suffered brain damage as the result of a stroke and a fall have shared their experiences.

Michelle MacDonald’s husband Simon had a stroke four years ago and has been left with a weakness in his left hand as well as his brain and needs ‘a lot of guidance’.

Michelle, 53, of Pavilion Road, Worthing, said: “His speech had gone, he couldn’t lift his arms and he looked strange. I rang 999 and an ambulance was there within five minutes. Unfortunately, his stroke was through the night so I didn’t catch him early.”

Following his stroke, doctors told Michelle Simon had suffered a ‘small’ stroke and would make a full recovery, however, that did not happen.

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, Thursday, March 27.