Woman left awestruck by formation of funnel cloud

A funnel cloud near Findon
A funnel cloud near Findon

A DOG-WALKER was left in ‘awe’ when she saw a funnel cloud forming while out walking in the South Downs.

Debbie Weston said the cloud began to form while she walked home from Chanctonbury Ring, along South Downs Way, towards Findon, at 1.20pm on Friday.

She said: “It actually took me a few minutes to realise what I was seeing and the first reaction was one of awe.

“I had the thought of it possibly touching down and coming in my direction so I made a brisk exit home.”

Debbie said the cloud did not make contact with the ground and there was no rain or hail.

She had it in view for around ten minutes but said it was hard to get a perspective of how far away it was from where she was walking her dog.

Nikki Titchener, 46, of Mardale Road, Durrington, saw the cloud from her bedroom window.

“I felt daft thinking it could have been the start of a tornado so didn’t say anything until the Herald’s post on Facebook,” she said.

“It was fascinating watching it. It just kind of melted from the bottom and little wisps puffed up.”

When she realised what it was she took a photograph.