Work reaches ground level on Worthing swimming pool.

IT is far from finished, but the project manager behind Worthing’s new swimming pool has predicted it will become an award-winning building.

Work on the new pool finally reached ground level last week (February 20-26), when a concrete slab above the pool’s basement-to-be was cast. The youth mayor Liam Mills and deputy mayor Charles James tested it out by walking across it.

The project is due to be finished by spring of next year (2013), and project manager Lawrence Wilson thinks the copper-clad design will put Worthing on the map.

He said: “I believe this is going to be an award-winning building. You can expect fantastic facilities that are well built and on time.”

Cliff Harris, the executive head of technical services for Worthing Borough Council, said the project had to be something special and it was the biggest the council had undertaken in decades.

He said “The council did not want another bog standard swimming pool. The site is right on the seafront so it demands higher quality.

“It’s the sort of project you only do once in a lifetime, and aside from the building itself the thing that is really going to drag people in is what we have on offer.

“We have a competition pool, a leisure pool, cafés and studios. Compared to the facilities we had before, it’s going to be superb.”