Worthing 20’s Plenty road campaigners press for scheme to be rolled out across borough

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W05112H12 WH TWENTY GT 31.01.12.'''' 20's Plenty campaign .............. Duncan Kay (right ) W05112H12.
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Campaigners fighting for a 20’s Plenty road speed reduction scheme in Worthing have expressed concerns it could be watered down by West Sussex Council.

The project, which has been estimated to cost upto £450,000, would see residential speed limits being pegged back from 30 to 20mph.

But the consultation on the issue may suffer further delays unless carried out in January or February, due to council elections happening next summer.

Duncan Kay, of the 20’s Plenty Worthing campaign group, feared that indications by officers at a Worthing County local committee last month over the scale of the scheme could result in it being done on a smaller ward basis, rather than across the entire borough.

“Every day wasted on not going ahead with this is time that could cost the lives of children in this area,” said Mr Kay, who felt the council needed to commit itself to tackling the issue, with Chichester already having introduced a similar scheme.

He highlighted the fact Worthing had among the highest road casualty statistics within the county as grounds for urgent action on the issue.

Councillor Bob Smytherman, of Worthing County Local Committee, said he fully supported the need for residential speed reduction.

He said: “My view is that we do need to support this campaign, which needs consultation across the borough.

“There will, of course, be debate on which roads need to be within this as we need to keep traffic flows through the town. But there are many residential roads which have been blighted by traffic and left families fearing they cannot allow their children to play outside in the street.”