Worthing and Adur district commander in live question event

THE Police District Commander for Adur and Worthing was put in the hot-seat for a live online question and answer session with the public.

Ian Pollard fielded a range of questions when he took part in the Sussex Policing Live event, which was held on Sussex Police’s website. During the live session, commenters asked DC Pollard a range of questions.

He was asked by 20’s Plenty why Sussex Police did not support default 20mph speed limits in Worthing when there was “good evidence this would result in fewer road deaths and injuries”.

In response, DC Pollard said: “We do not support the blanket roll-out of 20mph speed limits, however, we will consider it based upon a number of factors.

“This includes things like the length of the route proposed, the rate of injury accidents, and what other means of intervention to improve safety have been considered prior to making such an application.”

Commenter Alan asked if Worthing police could provide more news updates on Twitter, just as Adur Police currently do, to which DC Pollard said it was something “we could look at”.

An un-named commenter asked what Adur Police’s attitude was to drug dealing, to which DC Pollard said: “Sussex Police has a robust attitude to drug dealing and quite recently we carried out a drugs raid in Lancing, and when we have intelligence and information about drug dealing we will act.”

Kirk asked what DC Pollard liked and hated about his job, to which he said: “I like to be able to make a difference to our communities and knowing my officers are making people safe. And I don’t like politics or meetings.”