Worthing and Southwick charity fundraisers caught up in Nepal earthquake horror

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FUNDRAISERS on a charity trek in Nepal have spoken of feeling the tremors of a devastating earthquake in which more than 3,500 have died.

Volunteers from Southwick and Worthing are in the country on an 11-day trek for Worthing charity Babybuddy.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck between capital Kathmandu and Pokhara on Saturday, with the trekkers staying in mountains an hour and a half away from Kathmandu at the time.

Lorraine Harman, founder of Babybuddy, said: “They are an hour and a half away from Kathmandu and could still feel the tremors and the noise. It must have been so scary.

“They are very lucky. They are carrying on as much as they can.”

Mrs Harman saw footage of the earthquake on the morning news and managed to get hold of one of the volunteers by text message later in the day.

She has kept in touch with them sporadically since to ensure they are safe.

She said: “I am so grateful that they have taken this challenge on. I just hope they all come back safe.

“They are aware of what’s happened but haven’t seen the news. They arrived to see Kathmandu looking beautiful and when they go back it is going to be devastated.”

More than 6,500 are reported to have been injured with tents sent up in the capital for those whose homes were reduced to rubble.

Tour group Global Adventures, who are looking after the volunteers, wrote to Mrs Harman today (Monday, April 27), to inform them of their movements.

The message read: “I’m sure like us you have been watching developments in Nepal over the weekend with sadness and concern.

“We have taken the decision to keep them on trek as many of the areas on the Poon Hill route have been least affected by the earthquake as they are at a relatively low level for the area and are not population dense.

“We are in contact with our ground handlers, airlines and relatives of our participants constantly and if there are any further developments we will obviously be in touch.”