Worthing artists and makers display their Christmas goods

W46801H12 Hand-made Christmas fayre
W46801H12 Hand-made Christmas fayre

For the third year in a row, artists and makers have been displaying their Christmas wares.

The hand-made Christmas fayre was held at The Old Palace in Tarring, having previously been held at Broadwater Parish Rooms.

According to fayre organiser Louise Tyler, the move was made to show more artists and makers’ work and to have a separate pop-up vintage tea room.

She believes up to 600 people stopped in at the event, which took place earlier this month.

She added: “Hand-made Christmas is all about supporting local artists and makers and making mindful, ethical choices about how we spend our hard earned cash.

“We are still in the wake of a very tough time for retailers and small business, but if we don’t support up and coming designers, makers and these business’s then we cannot complain when the town centre is filled to bursting with empty shops, charity shops and pound shops.

“Worthing has some amazing creative people living in it, let’s support them – they may be the Laura Ashleys and Cath Kidstons of the future.”

Many of the artists and makers will be taking part in the Worthing Open House Festive Art Trail. See www.worthingopenhouses.com