Worthing baby with initials A and E born in hospital’s A&E department

Lee and Rob English with Alex
Lee and Rob English with Alex

WHEN you have already planned the initials A.E. for your newborn baby, it can only be fate when his speedy arrival happens in Worthing Hospital’s A&E department.

Lee English, 39, and husband Rob, 42, welcomed their son, Alex, into the world on Thursday.

Lee originally thought she was going to have the baby at home, after her contractions started at about 7pm, and within 15 minutes were only three minutes apart Lee, of Rectory Close, Ashington, said: “I’m not usually known for my speed, so I shocked my family with this one.

“Both sets of grandparents had been at our home during the evening as events unfolded, and the grandmothers were preparing themselves to help deliver their grandson. Rob’s mother and my mother were ready to catch the baby.

“Thankfully, one grandma was a retired nurse who had previously completed midwifery training – it was a bit like ‘Call The Midwife’, with talk of towels, hot water and sterilising thread to tie the cord off.”

A paramedic in a “fast response” car arrived to give Lee “much-needed pain relief” shortly after 7.45pm, but the ambulance to take her to hospital did not get to the couple’s home until about 8.30pm.

Shortly after arriving at A&E, Alex was born weighing 7lbs and two-and-a-half ounces, at 9.18pm.

Lee said: “At 7pm, my contractions were very close together and at about half-seven I felt like I wanted to have a baby. Rob’s parents realised they were happening a bit fast.

“The operator stayed on the phone to my husband and talked him through it, as it was looking like a home birth was imminent.”

When they arrived at the hospital there was no time to get the expectant mum to the maternity ward, and Lee said they were “wheeled to a back room in A&E”.

She added: “I think I realised it was happening quite quick, you don’t really want to have your baby at home without any help.

“As soon as I had him I sat up and I thought ‘my goodness, what has just happened?’.

“It was quite nice that it was over so quick.

“Although we had already decided on the name Alex, someone pointed out that his initials are A.E., and he was born in A&E.”

The mum already has a three-year-old son called Luke, and is currently an evidential property assistant at Centenary House, Durrington, and her husband Rob is a pest controller and gardener for R.D.A Gardens and Pest Control.