Worthing Blockbuster set to close

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DESPITE gaining an apparent reprieve last month, Blockbuster in Worthing has now been slated for closure.

The Chapel Road store is now among a total of 164 across the country that have been scheduled to be axed.

Its demise follows closure announcements for the company’s Shoreham, Littlehampton Chichester and Bognor Regis branches of the DVD retailer.

However, it is believed Morrisons is bidding to create 60 jobs across the county with “M Local” branded stores for Blockbuster sites at Worthing and Littlehampton.

Administrators for Blockbuster, Deloitte, were appointed in January and promised to assist in saving as many of the firm’s 500 stores across the country as possible.

There has been no fixed date set for the closure of the Worthing branch, which is now holding a closing-down stock liquidation sale.

The company’s fortunes have been significantly affected by a weak economy and intense competition from internet-based traders including LoveFilm and Netflix.

Tesco has also just started its own version of DVD rental, which has placed further pressure on the retailer, that presently employs 4,000 people across the country.

The US-based company had been bought out in 2011 after it filed for bankruptcy. But with falling revenues, its branches around the world have come under severe pressure from competitors.