Worthing boy’s pledge to walk 500 miles for charity

Claire Lowerson, with son Gabriel and Lulu Brooks
Claire Lowerson, with son Gabriel and Lulu Brooks

A BOY who promised to walk 500 miles when he heard a hit song by The Proclaimers will continue his pledge to reach the milestone target.

Gabriel Lowerson, 11, and his mum, Claire, from Hildon Park, Durrington, walked 30 miles from Littlehampton harbour to Newhaven on Thursday, August 2.

The pair were joined by Gabriel’s 11-year-old friend Lulu Brooks, who was inspired to take part when she saw them walk from Worthing fire station to Brighton fire station last year.

The inspiration for the long-distance walk came when Gabriel heard the song I Would Walk 500 Miles and decided he would take the song’s words literally.

Claire, 31, said: “Lulu saw us doing it last year and she was determined she wanted to take part as well. Gabriel wants to do it because he’s determined to reach the 500 mile mark.”

It was the third year Claire and Gabriel have taken part in long-distance charity walks together, with the first taking them from Worthing to Brighton Pier. The 30-mile route is the longest the pair have completed to date, but the route was chosen by chance rather than design.

Claire said: “Each year we’ve walked a bit further and are getting closer to the 500 miles. I went on to a website and put where I wanted to start and how far I wanted to go and it ended up in Newhaven.”

Gabriel, Claire and Lulu will be raising money for Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice, near Arundel.

The walk, named by Gabriel as The Neon Beach Walk, saw the group complete the trek in neon clothing, including tutus for Claire and Lulu.

In the previous two years, Claire and Gabriel have raised around £250 from each walk and hope for more.

To donate, visit justgiving.com/claire-lowerson1.