Worthing church accused of ‘intimidation’ at abortion clinic

AN ABORTION clinic has accused members of a Worthing church of intimidating women by showing graphic images of aborted foetuses and comparing it to the Holocaust.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas) has criticised Worthing’s Jubilee Community Church for its role in the regular Abort67 protests, held outside Wistons Clinic, in Brighton.

Stories have emerged of women being shown images of aborted foetuses, called murderers and told they are likely to become drug addicts. Leaflets handed to the women have even compared abortion to the Holocaust.

Clare Murphy, from bpas, said: “I cannot reiterate enough our support for freedom of speech, and people’s right to campaign to overturn the abortion law.

“But we do believe there must be a more moral way to do this than by causing distress to individual women at a very difficult time in their lives.”

This week, Colin Nichols, leader of Jubilee Church, confirmed his church did support Abort67, with members of the congregation taking part in the protests.

He admitted giving sermons on the topic and agreed abortion was worse than the Holocaust, if based on the number of terminations carried out.

Colin added: “I agree with Abort67’s pro-life message and if people do not like that I can’t do anything about it as a Christian.”

Andy Stephenson, 37, church member and leader of Abort67, said: “This is way beyond Christianity – this is a human rights issue.”

Both men have refuted accusations made by the clinic of protesters “encircling and haranguing” women and calling them murderers.