Worthing council’s complaint figures released

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DETAILS of how many complaints have been received by the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) about Worthing Borough Council have been published.

The annual reviews of complaints made about all councils nationwide in 2011/12 provide information about the complaints made to the Ombudsman, the time taken to respond to her enquiries and the decisions made by the investigators.

The ombudsmen, Dr Jane Martin and Anne Seex, said: “If there are any significant issues arising from particular complaints we mention them in the annual review. We hope the information contributes to public accountability and raising awareness of the importance of taking citizens’ complaints seriously.”

From 2011 to 2012, the ombudsmen received a total of 24 complaints about Worthing Borough Council.

The ways of dealing with complaints are banded into four categories – advice given, for which there were five; premature complaints, for which there were 11; forwarded to investigative team (resubmitted), of which there were two; and forwarded to investigative team (new), of which there were six.

Within these complaint bandings, the review shows which areas they were received for, which includes areas such as benefits and tax and highways and transport.

Of the complaints which were investigated, it was found one showed not enough evidence of fault, one for which there was no or minor injustice and five for which the injustice was remedied during the enquiries.

The average amount of time it took to respond to each complaint was 17 days.