Worthing council urges people to clear up their rubbish

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SUNSHINE has been encouraging people to use Worthing’s parks and outdoor spaces.

But some people have been less considerate than others when it came to taking their rubbish home.

Nick Clinch, manager of the Chatsworth Hotel, said he was left saddened to see the state of Steyne Gardens on Monday (March 26) morning.

He said: “The area was left in an appalling condition – there was rubbish, broken bottles and cans strewn everywhere. It was a complete mess.”

Nick reported the mess to the council, whose waste team cleared the rubbish on Monday afternoon.

Nick added: “People leaving our open spaces in such a manner is not aiding tourism and promoting our town in a positive way.

“We had a coach-load of people arrive and that’s what they would have seen out of their bedroom windows.”

A spokeswoman for Worthing Council said: “While we encourage people to use the open spaces, it is the community’s responsibility to put rubbish in bins or take it home.”