Worthing councillor fights for better roads

W05516H14  Cllr Michaell Cloake in Richmond Road
W05516H14 Cllr Michaell Cloake in Richmond Road

A WORTHING councillor has been ‘hammering away’ at the County Council’s leadership to improve the state of the town’s roads.

Cllr Michael Cloake, who represents the ward of Salvington, said the condition of the roads was the single biggest thing his constituents came to him about.

“I’m really behind the residents on this one. It’s the single biggest thing people come to me about, and rightly so,” he said.

Cllr Cloake said he had also been using his role as a county councillor to apply pressure on the leadership to resolve the issues with Worthing’s roads.

“The roads have obviously been terrible. We have been hammering on at the leadership to get them fixed,” he said.

“There was investment planned and I would like to think the pressure we have been putting on has led to the council accelerating the programme to happen over the next two years.

“There will be a lot of work all over the county so Worthing should see some improvement.”

The investment Cllr Cloake refers to is the £30 million Better Roads Programme. The investment will primarily focus on unclassified roads. A third of the £30 milliom programme has been identified and programmed so far.

According to Cllr Cloake, Worthing has started receiving more investment than any other town in West Sussex.

He added: “Part of the need for investment is for businesses.

“You can’t have all your transport routes being in a terrible state and expect to survive in the current climate.”