Worthing couple’s faulty meter results in huge statement

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An elderly couple were left shocked after they received a statement quoting their daily water usage at over fives times that of the average household.

May and Ron Mitchell, 79, of Exmoor Drive, Worthing, received a statement showing their daily water usage was 800 litres per day – 650 litres higher than the average household.

Based on these figures, they would expect to pay £947 for the whole year.

The water meter was installed six months ago and repairmen had been sent out by Southern Water three times due to leaks.

May said: “I said to one of them, ‘the meter must be going round at 100mph’ .

“He said it was, but we wouldn’t pay for it.”

May explained that all her friends had told her that upon installing a water meter, their bills had dropped.

She said: “Everybody we talk to says that it’s going to make it cheaper.

“We don’t bath or shower two to three times a day. They say the average water usage per day is 150 litres. We don’t use that, let alone 800 litres.

“The average amount seems a lot, let alone the amount we’ve supposed to have used. It’s ridiculous.”

May says that if the situation is not resolved, she will pay the amount she paid before the meter was installed.

She added: “Before we got the meter we paid under £50 a month so I’ll pay that because I don’t do it by direct debit. They won’t get that much from us.”

Mike James, from Southern Water, apologised and said that they would look at visiting the property again to make a permanent repair.

He said: There has been a history of ongoing leaks for the past few months affecting Mr and Mrs Mitchell’s property

“We shall then monitor water consumption and base the customer’s bill on that new reading.

“We have explained the situation to Mrs Mitchell, apologised for the inconvenience caused and have reassured her that we will base her actual bill on the new readings.”