Worthing election results announced

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THE results of the local election in Worthing have been announced.

Conservatives maintained control of Worthing Borough Council by the same margin of 25 to 12 Liberal Democrat councillors, after seats were exchanged between the two parties in Broadwater and Castle.

In Broadwater, Victoria Taylor became the Liberal Democrats’ newest councillor after she won the seat which was vacated by Conservative Kevin Skepper.

In Castle, new Conservative candidate Daniel Humphreys ousted Liberal Democrat Robin Rogers in a ward that was considered a safe Lib Dem seat, while in Goring deputy district fire commander, Conservative candidate Roy Barraclough, won the seat vacated by Ann Sayers.

For a full report, including comments from the winners, read the Worthing Herald on Thursday, May 12.

See below for the full list of results:

Broadwater: Victoria Taylor (Lib Dem) 979 (new councillor)

Michael Pisko (Con) 828

John Strange (UKIP) 276

John Turley (Lab) 479

Castle: Daniel Humphreys (Con) 892 (new councillor)

Chris Chatfield (UKIP) 251

Russell Deen (Lab) 436

Robin Rogers (Lib Dem) 807

Central: Clive Roberts (Con) 893 (retains seat)

Christine Allen (Lib Dem) 600

Janet Haden (Lab) 528

Christopher Woodward (UKIP) 202

Findon: Peter Jones (Con) 682

Margaret Boulton (Lib Dem) 181

Mark Weaver (UKIP) 183

Gaisford: Bryan Turner (Con) 1,133 (retains seat)

John Harwood (UKIP) 281

John Steels (Lab) 485

Keith Sunderland (Lib Dem) 767

Goring: Roy Barraclough (Con) 1,956 (new councillor)

David Aherne (Green) 382

Richard Bater (UKIP) 385

James Elwood (Lab) 411

Michael Finch (Lib Dem) 253

Heene: Paul Howard (Con) 1,144 (new councillor)

Wayne Hoban (Lib Dem) 433

Paul Howard (Con) 1,144

Susan Marsh (Lab) 598

Marine: Paul Yallop (Con) 1,614 (retains seat)

Yvonne Leonard (Lib Dem) 448

Phil Ruddock (UKIP) 312

Alexandra Wagstaff (Labour) 465

Offington: Graham Fabes (Con) 1,754 (retains seat)

Neil Condon (Lib Dem) 431

Graham Fabes (Con) 1,754

Michael Glennon (UKIP) 465

Ann Saunders (Lab) 327

Salvington: Noel Atkins (Con) 1,539 (retains seat)

Emma Davies (Lib Dem) 415

Trixie Hall (UKIP) 443

Linda Salter (Lab) 403

Selden: Roger Oakley (Con) 802 (retains seat)

Make Barrett (Lab) 504

Jackie Cranefield (Lib Dem) 783

Brian Head (UKIP) 246

Roger Oakley (Con) 802

Tarring: Hazel Thorpe (Lib Dem) 1,108 (retains seat)

Peter Barnes (Lab) 368

Nadeem Khan (Con) 701

Shaune King (UKIP) 282