Worthing election results announced

THE results of the local election in Worthing have been announced.

In Worthing, the highest voter turnout was in Goring at 35.3 per cent, and the lowest was in Offington at, just 20.77 per cent.

The average turnout for Lancing and Sompting parish elections was 26.4 per cent.

Here is the full list of the results:

Durrington: Michael Donin (Lib Dem) 508 (retains seat)

Guy Chadwick (Lab) 183

Pauline James (Con) 492

Mike Jelliss (UKIP) 218

Turnout: 31.12 per cent

Tarring: Norah Fisher (Lib Dem) 763 (retains seat)

Peter Barnes (Lab) 269

Tim Chick (Con) 448

Shaune King (UKIP) 267

Turnout: 27 per cent

Central: Vino Vinojan (Con) 494 (new councillor)

Russell Deen (Lab) 404

Margaret Pearce (Green) 196

Laura Scott (Lib Dem) 327

Christopher Woodward (UKIP) 218

Turnout: 22.9 per cent

Heene: Paul High (Con) 685 (retains seat)

Shan Orr-Ewing (Lib Dem) 425

Richard Setford (UKIP) 331

Turnout: 23.2 per cent

Goring: Mary Lermitte (Con) 1,200 (retains seat)

David Ahern (Green) 178

Richard Bater (UKIP) 482

James Elwood (Lab) 359

Michael Finch Lib Dem) 170

Turnout: 35.3 per cent

Marine: Joan Bradley (Con) 959 (retains seat)

Yvonne Leonard (Lib Dem) 260

Phil Ruddock (UKIP) 349

Alexandra Wagstaff (Lab) 357

Selden: Keith Bickers (Con) 605 (new councillor)

Mike Barrett (Lab) 429

Jacqueline Cranefield (Lib Dem) 498

Grant Lloyd (UKIP) 267

Broadwater: Vic Walker (Con) 585 (new councillor)

Colin Avis (UKIP) 296

James Nelson (Lib Dem) 513

Lynda Newbury (Lab) 371

Turnout: 25.9 per cent

Gaisford: Val Turner (Con) 671 votes (new councillor)

Emma Davies (Lib Dem) 577

John Harwood (UKIP) 254

John Turley (Lab) 329

Castle: David Potter (Lib Dem) 701 (retains seat)

Anne Chapman (Con) 505

Christopher Chatfield (UKIP) 270

Ian Walker (Lab) 262

Turnout: 27.9 per cent

Northbrook: Keith Sunderland (Lib Dem) 298 (new councillor)

Janet Haden (Lab) 86

Mary Harding (Con) 294 (loses seat)

William Morris (Green) 63

Turnout: 20.9 per cent

Salvington: Michael Cloake (Con) 884 (new councillor)

Neil Campbell (Lib Dem) 257

Trixie Hall (UKIP) 456

John Martin (Lab) 297

Turnout: 26.7 per cent

Offington: (Two seats) Elizabeth Andrews-Sparkes (Con)(retains seat) 1107 and John Rogers (Con) 959 (new councillor)

Mike Glennon (UKIP)599

Trudi Starling (Lib Dem) 256

John Steels (Lab) 290

Linda Williams (Lib Dem) 305

Turnout: 20.77 per cent

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