Worthing family join world-travelling daughter for cycling adventure

A family, left amazed by their intrepid daughter's tales from her solo cycle trip around the world, have decided to get a taste of adventure themselves and tag along for ten days.

Friday, 18th August 2017, 10:36 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:55 am
Ness Bush and family before their trip to meet up with Tori

Ness Bush and husband Richard, known as Bushy, of Cissbury Road in Broadwater, are hopping in their minivan and driving over to Denmark to meet their daughter, 29-year-old Tori, in the city of Aarhus on Monday (August, 21).

Over the last two and half years, Tori has cycled over 30,000km across countries including the United States, Japan and Cambodia – camping wild under the stars everywhere from mountain tops to the jungle – and recording the journey in her blog, littlebluebike.net.

Bushy said: “The places she’s been to and the sites she’s seen, it’s incredible.”

He said they were both hugely proud of her trip.

“It’s not unique nowadays, but for a woman to do it alone is pretty rare,” Bushy said.

Though Ness admitted: “It’s been a worrying time.”

After meeting up in Denmark, Ness will try life on the road herself as she and Tori take an eight day cycle trip of around 400km to the historic town of Luneburg in Germany.

Ness said she was ‘a bit nervous’ about the trip – considering her longest ride so far has been from Worthing to Brighton and back.

“It’s quite a daunting thought when I look at the map,“ she said.

But she was looking forward to gaining ‘a greater understanding’ of what Tori had experienced.

Her second daughter, 25-year-old Alex, is flying out to meet them and will pick up where Ness left off – cycling with Tori for three days.

She will then return with her parents, who run their own business in the funeral trade together, to England, leaving Tori to complete the last stretch of her epic journey alone.

Tori is due to arrive back in Worthing on Saturday, September 16, cycling the last leg back from the pier to her home.

And despite her unforgettable adventures, Ness said: “I think she’s very excited to be reaching the end and to see family and friends.”