Worthing Hospital’s knitted boob plea success

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THEY come in all shapes and sizes and can currently be seen decorating the window of a shop.

Worthing Hospital’s maternity unit made an appeal in the Herald two weeks ago for a new batch of knitted boobs, which are used to help inform expectant and new mums about breastfeeding.

Since then, Caroline Wilbor, who owns The Wool Bar in Warwick Street, has received more than 30 of the knitted creations from her customers.

She said: “The response has been great. We’ve already given 20 to the hospital, and I have about a dozen in the shop. In fact, I’ve lined them up along the window of my shop and they are certainly drawing a few laughs.”

Carole Garrick, head of midwifery at the hospital, said: “We use them to teach women how to hand-express. It is much nicer for them, less intrusive and less invasive, to be shown how to do it in this way rather than being shown on their own breasts.

Caroline has posted details of a free knitted boob pattern on her Facebook page – search for The Wool Bar.