Worthing Hospital welcomes first newborn of the year

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HERE is Worthing’s first newborn of 2011 – Rosabel Carmen Hickman.

Mum Naomi Panayotti, 37, gave birth to Rosabel at Worthing Hospital, in Lyndhurst Road, at 1.05am on New Year’s Day (2011), after a labour of more than 15 hours.

It was her and partner Steve Hickman’s first child, weighing 8lbs 12oz.

The 34-year-old said: “It all feels quite surreal, but I’m elated as well, particularly now they’re home.”

Steve, of Queen Street, Worthing, said he became worried about the labour when he realised how many expectant mothers were giving birth at the hospital that day, which led to the hospital’s maternity staff being quite stretched. In the end, there were seven babies born at Worthing Hospital on New Year’s Day.

But there was relief when Naomi was moved to the delivery suite some 12 hours after her contractions began and delivered Rosabel, who was two weeks late, some three hours later.

“Naomi’s labour lasted longer than normal and on the day, the hospital was quite short-staffed, but it all worked out in the end,” he added.

Steve said the inspiration for their daughter’s name came from a film he had watched, and was agreed to by Naomi, who liked the name Rose.

The baby’s middle name, Carmen, was chosen as it is the name of Naomi’s mother.