Worthing hosts rally for striking teachers from across county

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‘GOVE must go’ was chanted from the steps of Worthing Pavilion today by striking teachers angry at Government plans which they believe will leave teaching ‘in a crisis’ for years to come (Thursday, October 17).

A rally for National Union of Teachers members across West Sussex was held at the Pavilion, in which representatives spoke about the reasons for the strike.

NUT strike rally at Worthing Pavilion. Picture by Eddie Mitchell

NUT strike rally at Worthing Pavilion. Picture by Eddie Mitchell

Pension changes, plans for performance related pay and increased workloads were just some of the grievances aired.

Linda Kitchen, a teacher at Steyning Grammar School, has been in the job since 1979.

She said: “I am angry about the financial situation for teachers, with regard to pension adjustments and the effective freeze on pay.

“I am also angry at interference from Michael Gove. I have served under a lot of secretaries of state in my 30 years of teaching, and in my opinion, Michael Gove is the most damaging individual I have known.”

Paula Leclerc, who teaches at St Andrews CE High School for Boys, in Sackville Road, Worthing, added: “I think there are so many things that Gove has done that we have all got something very specific for the need to strike.”

The rally heard from several NUT representatives, before the floor was opened for those gathered to express an opinion.

Mark Slatter, NUT representative and literacy coordinator at The Angmering School said: “Gove has shown he is completely unwilling to negotiate on all the key points

“I think parents will see it is important to stand up for our principles, and many support our work.”

Around 150 schools across the county have confirmed they are affected by the strikes.

For the full story, see the Herald and Gazette, out Thursday, October 17