Worthing man builds drinking well in Kenya

Well built in Kenya by Worthing couple 2 SUS-151019-121255001
Well built in Kenya by Worthing couple 2 SUS-151019-121255001

A WORTHING man is thrilled to have finished building a well in Kenya for children who have been living without clean drinking water.

Dave and Daisy Cox, of Park Road, launched Kids in Kenya back in 2010 after they spent their honeymoon in the Kikambala village and saw the terrible conditions children were living in.

They were shocked to see the children of a Maweni nursery school eating from cups, washing in and drinking dirty water, and sitting motionless without toys or things to do.

Dave said: “We couldn’t believe the absolute lack of resources, even down to the most basic such as not having nappies for the babies or cutlery to eat with.

“We were touched by their plight and made a monetary donation to the school but we didn’t feel that this was enough. We were inspired by some of the work that others do out in Africa and decided that we would do something more for the children.”

The children had been learning from one room in a small church.

He said: “The building is just inadequate so I began putting my skills as a builder into use.

“We regularly returned to the village to help with construction and from there it has developed with our visits becoming more frequent and longer.”

Dave has just returned to Worthing after one month in Kenya to finish the well that will accompany a six classroom school that the couple are raising funds for.

The well has been named after Dave’s school friend Mark Berry who passed away last year and had been helping build a kitchen for the villagers.

Dave, 41, said: “Back in 2011 the first trip my school mate Mark Berry – Bez as he’s known by – came along and we started building the kitchen, he was going to come again in the near future but sadly he past away last year.

“So this trip I wanted to finish the well off by building it in a room with his plaque on the wall naming it after him, Bezwell.”

Kids in Kenya is also raising money for food and the cost of buildings, shower blocks and beds for children at the nursery, which is based in Mtwapa, near Mombasa.

He said: “Back home we have put together initiatives to raise funds to purchase much needed supplies for the villagers, such as school uniforms, books, blackboards, etc.”

So far the charity has built three of the six classrooms needed for the 15m by 8m building. Each room will be around 6m by 9m.

Dave said: “We are also continuously looking to develop and improve the educational supplies and tools available to them to aid their education, from pencils to uniforms.

“What we will achieve will not only improve the quality of life for these children as they grow up, it will help provide them with a better education and general starting point to give them the best possible opportunity for a prosperous future”

The next trip to Kenya is January to February then August to September 2016.

“We are looking for volunteers to come help build or for donations, any age can help to make a difference,” said Dave.

For more details, visit www.kidsinkenya.co.uk or www.facebook.com/schoolbuildkenya

To speak to Dave, call 079794544068 or 01903 207129.