Worthing man faces summer apart from wife because of visa refusal

Wade Winton and his wife Jade-Iveb
Wade Winton and his wife Jade-Iveb

A WORTHING man has been separated from his wife after immigration officials refused her a holiday visa.

Wade Winton spends long periods of time teaching English abroad and returns to Worthing during the summer holidays with his wife, Jade-Iveb.

This year, however, Jade-Iveb, who is from the Philippines, had her six-month holiday visa turned down.

Wade, 48, said: “I think it’s outrageous.

“We’ve been forced to spend the summer apart because of some vague suspicion about Jade-Iveb not leaving the country when the visa runs out.”

Wade and his wife were living in Saudi Arabia, where he taught English until his contract ran out.

While there, Jade-Iveb, 19, applied for her holiday visa so the couple could spend the summer in Worthing, visiting Wade’s family.

Because Wade had not finalised his new place of work, which would commence after the summer break, the UK Border Agency said it was concerned Jade-Iveb was not a “genuine visitor”.

Wade said: “We’ve proved we have bona-fide marriage and that we do leave the UK when Jade-Iveb’s visa runs out – that’s exactly what we did last year when the visa was granted.”

Jade-Iveb had to fly from Saudi Arabia to the Philippines while Wade travelled back to the UK, arriving on Monday, June 13.

In a letter to Jade-Iveb stating the refusal of entry, the UK Border Agency said: “No evidence has been submitted to confirm your husband’s future employment prospects.

“Given his plans are unclear and unsubstantiated, and given the extended period you propose to remain in the UK for, I am not satisfied that you have demonstrated that you are travelling to the UK as a genuine visitor, and I am not satisfied you will leave the UK at the end of your proposed period of stay.”

Wade and his wife have appealed against the decision, but it could take six months to process, by which time they plan to be in another country.

A UK Border Agency spokesman added said: “Each application to enter the UK is considered on its individual merits and in accordance with the immigration rules.

“To qualify for a visitor visa an applicant must satisfy the UK Border Agency they are genuine visitors who intend to leave the UK at the end of their visit.”