Worthing man’s four-year-old son finds syringe on beach

A WORTHING dad thinks he is lucky his son had a bit of common sense when he came across a used syringe on the seafront last Tuesday (July 24).

Kevin Humphrey, of Arun Close, Durrington, had his two children for the summer and decided to take them for a walk on the beach.

The 35-year-old dad thinks the right thing to do in this situation should be advertised more, after his four-year-old son Alfie pointed out the needle within minutes of being at the beach.

Kevin said if he his son had cut himself on it he would have had to go through six weeks, maybe six months, of checks to find out whether he had contracted a disease.

Senior foreshore inspector for Worthing Graham Cherrett said it depends on the type of item found who people should call, and said for ordinary sharps contact the beach patrol, and for ordnance items contact the coastguard.

For the full story, see this week’s Herald (August 2).