Worthing mum has nowhere to leave her pushchair at the doctors

A NEW mum who is “not prepared to gamble” losing her pushchair said she has been left wondering whether it is worth going to see the doctor.

Amy Antell, of Chatham Road, Worthing, gave birth to her son, Finley, eight weeks ago, and claims there is no secure place to leave her pushchair at her doctor’s surgery.

She has resorted to buying a bike lock for it, as she does not want to leave it in the outside car park of the Selden Medical Centre, in Selden Road.

She said: “I’m a bit surprised that in this day and age, they’re not providing somewhere secure or safe. It has made me really cross. How can they function as a doctor’s surgery when half of their patients have children?

“If I’m not prepared to gamble, I have to weigh up whether it’s worth seeing the doctor.”

Louise James, acting practice manager at the centre, said: “I have spoken to the patient and resolved the problem by confirming with her that there is a secure place to put her buggy. We are aware that this is a problem for our patients and it does highlight that our premises are no longer big enough.

“We are actively looking for a new site in our area, and have been doing so for over 10 years. We are currently working with the local Primary Care Trust and the council to identify possible sites.”

However, Amy said the “secure place” offered was an outside car park that was not locked, which she would not use without a bike lock.