Worthing Museum receives ‘treasure’ grant

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WORTHING Museum has successfully applied to the Art Fund for a ‘Treasure Plus’ grant, a new funding programme which aims to deepen public engagement with treasure and related archaeological material.

It aims to do this by providing small grants for display and interpretation projects, supported by The Headley Trust.

The grant will enable the museum to host a free event for schools as well as funding to update the text panels in its archaeology gallery and refresh the displays.

Diana Peek, museum manager, said: “There are so many stories about the objects on display, the stories about their discovery and their history which are not being told or have been forgotten.

“In the gallery, installed in 1976, many of the labels are not very accessible to our younger visitors and some of the information is out of date as new discoveries have added to our knowledge of the past. We also want to signpost visitors to accessible local sites and other local museums so that they can explore the rich archaeology of the area.”

The museum will hold a consultation meeting in January with local archaeological societies, professional archaeologists and archaeological curators, special interest organisations, schools, colleges, and universities, prior to work starting.