Worthing protest against Barclays bank

The protest outside Barclays bank, Worthing
The protest outside Barclays bank, Worthing

A PROTEST against the soaring costs of food has been held outside a leading bank in Worthing.

Members of the World Development Movement (WDM), a UK-based anti-poverty organisation, held the protest outside Barclays bank, in Chapel Road, because they say it has directly contributed to the rising cost of food across the world.

As well as holding a protest, WDM held a sale of extortionately-priced food items.

The aim, according to WDM member Dereck Prentis, was to draw attention to Barclays’ involvement in global speculation on food crops, and the impact the resulting price rises have had on the UK and developing countries.

Dereck said: “Rising food prices are the last thing the UK needs.

“However, the price tags on these goods represent the devastating effect that rising costs are having on the poorest people in the poorest countries, who are unable to afford basic foods and are facing hunger and malnutrition.

“Financial speculation by banks and investment funds has fuelled soaring food prices. Barclays is the UK’s biggest player in this and is estimated to be making £340 million at the expense of people being pushed into extreme poverty.”

On the day, members of the group also met with the bank manager of Barclays, who agreed to relay concerns raised with head office.

Dereck said WDM was asking people to sign cards urging the government to stand up to the banks and end their “greed”.

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