Worthing protest against government cuts

A PROTEST is being held in Worthing to oppose plans to cut funding to public services and raise tuition fees for students.

Organised by Worthing Solidarity Network (WSN) – a group of local trade unions, students and residents – the protest march takes place on Saturday, December 18, and starts at the bandstand, in Montague Street, from 2pm onwards.

John Hughes, a member of WSN, said: “WSN wants everyone in and around Worthing who oppose the cuts to come together to show the strength of the anti-cuts movement and to build the momentum for the campaign in 2011.

“People are encouraged to wear Christmas fancy dress, and bring home-made signs, whistles, jingle bells and anything that will help the protest stand out.”

He added: “The message for the day is that cuts are not inevitable – the banks and tax-evaders caused this crisis, not public services and their workers, students, teachers or ordinary people.

“The banks and the tax-evaders must be made to pay for the crisis they made.”