Worthing protestor to face court

A WORTHING man has been charged as a result of fracking protests at the Cuadrilla site in London Road, Balcombe.

Paul Deacon, 50, of Selden Lane, will appear before Crawley magistrates on August 7.

He is one of 16 people to be arrested for attempting to stop drivers and workers from accessing the site.

Twelve have been charged, including a 15-year-old boy from Rustington.

Superintendent Steve Whitton said: “I have officers at the site to ensure people can demonstrate peacefully and help facilitate the rights of those to go about their lawful business - this means allowing workers to access the site.

“We are trying to carefully balance the needs of everyone and we will continue to show a proportionate response to the challenge we are facing.

“Our aim at Balcombe is to provide a safe and secure environment for protesters, residents and the contractors alike, to minimise disproportionate disruption to the local community and to prevent crime and disorder.

“Protestors are being asked to clear entrances to allow access to the site and where they have refused following repeated requests we have arrested them.”

Around 60 protesters gathered at the site in London Road on Friday July 26.

Some had moved a tree across the entrance to the site and were blocking access.