Worthing pub’s boat to go but pirate is saved

WORTHING’S seafront “pirate” has survived a council broadside – but his boat has been scuppered!

The Spyglass Inn on Marine Parade won a half-victory at the borough council planning committee’s meeting when permission was given for nautically-themed alterations which had been carried out to the building’s façade.

Last month, the committee deferred a decision on a retrospective application for the additions to the frontage.

There were differing views on whether the alterations were appropriate for the South Street conservation area – or if the maritime “bolt-ons” helped to attract visitors to the town.

Following the July meeting, the fishing nets on the cornice band were removed, and the applicant also offered to remove the suspended boat and the two barrels fixed by “gallow brackets” on the cornice band.

An officers’ report to last week’s meeting said these measures had reduced the “cluttered appearance”, but, disappointingly, the applicant was unwilling to remove the blue satellite dish on the cornice as there was nowhere else it could be fitted.

In the same vein, the applicant was keen to retain the “climbing pirate” as this was intrinsic to the nautical theme.

The committee approved the retrospective application, subject to the removal of the boat (but retention of the barrels) on the grounds that the amended plans “would enliven and contribute to the vibrancy of this part of the town centre and seafront, and accords with the council’s aspirations of supporting tourism and promoting economic development”.

It would not “unacceptably detract from the character or appearance of the South Street conservation area, or conflict with the Worthing Local Plan”, said the recommendation.