Worthing public can ‘have cake and eat it’

A LIB-Dem plea to subsidise a bus route and provide more support for the vulnerable in the forthcoming year’s council budget was voted down on Tuesday night.

The amendments to the 2014/15 budget were put to borough councillors by Lib-Dem leader Alan Rice but were thrown out as they ‘asked more questions than answers’.

The amendment asked the council to spend £100,000 on paying to increase the frequency of the number seven bus service.

It also asked the council to allocate a further £240,000 to help vulnerable people, by way of increased discretionary housing payments.

But the last-minute call was slammed by the Conservative majority, which also voted-through a planned freeze on council tax.

Mr Rice said: “As a council, I believe we should put our efforts into helping those affected by austerity. This includes those without housing, those without means to get around and those who are lonely.”

In response, cabinet member for resources Dan Humphreys said there had been no evidence presented for a need to raise housing payments.

And by delivering a freeze on council tax payments, without the need to cut frontline services,Worthing residents were ensuring they got a good deal, he argued.

He said: “We are not cutting any services.

“We have given them their cake and they can have their cake and eat it, thanks to the Conservatives.”