Worthing’s multi-million Splash Point pool well on track

Duncan Anderson and Paul Yallop at Splah Point swimming pool in Worthing
Duncan Anderson and Paul Yallop at Splah Point swimming pool in Worthing

THE team behind the new £18 million Splash Point swimming pool has expressed confidence it will help deliver a genuine economic boost to Worthing.

More than 100 companies from the area have been involved in the construction of the project, which is presently on schedule to be completed in May.

Among these are innovative construction firm Kingsley Roofing, which has provided a million-pound copper roof, which has lent the building an especially striking design profile.

As Duncan Anderson, head of Worthing Leisure, who has spearheaded the scheme, explained, it is expected to have a significant impact on the area, with its gym and watersports competition capabilities.

He said: “I think there will be massive benefits from the pool and we are already seeing a real increase in our membership as a result of the pool coming soon, with 470 people signing up at our recent open day.

“This is something that is going to work and its construction is going well. Some have asked why it’s 25 metres, not 50 metres – one of the main reasons for this is that it’s allowed us to build a second pool for families which could not have been done if the main pool was larger. It’s something for the whole community.”

He believed the gym, which is part of the new complex, would also play a significant part in the site’s income generating.

Worthing Borough Council leader Paul Yallop also welcomed the site.

He said: “The pool is a real statement of intent. People have been critical of Worthing’s masterplan which was developed in 2006, but this is something that’s actually happening from it.

“Some have said why are we doing this in a recession, but I think it’s exactly the right time for it and I’ve noted that other councils are saying ‘why aren’t we able to do this, too’. I actually grew up near the pool and I want to be able to take my children there as a place to be proud of.”