Worthing’s own ‘Lee Mack’ to run London Marathon for charity

W46117H11 WH MACK GT 14.11.11.'' Lee Mack lookalike ............ Phil Gamble ..........   W46117H11.
W46117H11 WH MACK GT 14.11.11.'' Lee Mack lookalike ............ Phil Gamble .......... W46117H11.
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IF you thought you had seen the comedian Lee Mack running around Worthing, you could be forgiven.

Since the comedian’s recent rise to fame, resident Phil Gamble has been making people do a double-take on the streets of Worthing – and he is using his look-a-like features to raise money for charity.

Phil, 42, of Rowlands Road, is set to run in the 2012 London Marathon in April for the charity Children With Cancer, and will be using his status as a Lee Mack double to raise the profile of his cause.

“It’s my only chance to ‘hijack’ someone’s face, and why not do it for a good cause?” said Phil.

Phil said being stopped by passers-by is becoming an almost daily occurrence.

Phil has even appeared on Lee Mack’s Saturday night BBC show All Star Cast.

“People stop me and ask me if I am Lee Mack pretty much every other day,” he said. “It became such a joke that my wife and son contacted Lee’s agent to wind me up – and I ended up appearing on his show.”

But the publicity has worked in Phil’s favour in his pledge to raise more money for the children’s cancer charity.

“I was chatting to Lee at the show and he told me to use his face as much as possible to raise as much as we can for Children With Cancer,” said Phil.

“I am in contact with him to see if we can do even more together to raise more money – he told me to ‘do him proud’ in the race.”

However, Lee need not worry. Phil has already run three marathons – one in London, one in Paris and one in New York.

Phil said: “I am training now, and things are looking good for April. Children With Cancer do great work and I want to continue giving them support – with the extra help of Lee Mack this year!”