Worthing's parking firm NCP Services changes name to NSL

UNDER-FIRE firm NCP Services is no longer managing Worthing's on-street parking – but it does not spell the end for civil enforcement officers in the town.

That is because as of April 21, the company changed its name to NSL

Services Group in the Worthing and Adur area.

But while NCP was widely known to stand for National Car Parks, the

firm's latest name apparently has no meaning.

The change will likely leave people scratching their heads as to what it

could stand for – with a popular suggestion in the Herald office being No Such Luck.

Director of communications, Tim Cowen, said it was designed to better

reflect the increasingly sophisticated range of services the company supplies.

He confirmed the name does not stand for anything and is simply registered with Companies House as NSL Ltd.

Mr Cowen said: "The kind of services we deliver cannot be held up while we rebrand, so we will be making the changes over a flexible timescale to ensure we can rebrand our operations as part of normal maintenance, and ensure that we can do it cost-effectively."

The rebranding will begin in Worthing and Adur in the coming days,

with the new logo being put up at the Parking Shop in Chapel Road.

The shop front has been updated because of the addition of the Adur council area to the operation.

Badges on uniforms will then be replaced over the next few months.


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