Worthing’s rescued baby seagulls found in Spain

Seagulls in the Channel by Worthing Herald
Seagulls in the Channel by Worthing Herald

BABY seagulls that have fallen from nests in Worthing and been hand-reared have flown as far afield as Spain and Portugal

The information was given to WADARS by the RSPCA in Mallydams, which tags the rescued seagulls it releases and is then notified by animal sanctuaries and vets when the birds turn up in different areas.

Among the places the birds were spotted, were Huelva, in Spain, the Algarve, in Portugal, Hayling Island, and other parts of England.

Billy Elliott, animal rescue officer for WADARS, said the information dispelled the myth that seagulls only stay in one place.

“It’s surprising how far they will travel.

“I always thought that nowadays food source would govern where they stay, but the fact they’re going as far as Portgual shows they’re not just staying at one place.

“They’re often coming back to build their nests, which suggests Worthing could be important for the seagulls.”

Animal rescue officers at WADARS, in West Buildings, attempt to return seagulls to their nests when they fall from them, but when they are unable to do so they take the birds to animal sanctuaries like RSPCA Mallydams.

Each year the Worthing animal charity is called between 250 and 300 times by members of the public to help baby seagulls that have fallen from their nests.