Worthing shop owners raise road crossing concern

TRADERS have called on the council to introduce pedestrian access to a “dangerous” crossing in Worthing town centre.

Calls have been made to improve pedestrian access to the Broadway shops, opposite Steyne Gardens.

Shopowners said the introduction of a zebra crossing would make pedestrian access to the area safer and would help boost trade by better connecting the Broadway shops to Steyne Gardens and Warwick Street.

Currently, there is a set of traffic lights opposite Steyne Gardens but one of the two traffic lights stays constantly on green, meaning there is a steady flow of traffic.

Julie Evans, owner of Julie Scrumptious, said each day she saw people struggling to cross from Steyne Gardens into the Broadway shops.

She said pedestrian access was also made difficult because of the blind corner at the junction between Brighton Road and High Street.

She said: “It seems a shame that we have this main park in the town centre, and yet it’s difficult for people to get across the road. I think it would also benefit Warwick Street because it would be better connected. Getting something like a zebra crossing would make it safer and help trade.”

Julie’s opinions on introducing a pedestrian crossing were shared by other shopkeepers.

Usha Kanaparthi, owner of Shoppers, said: “We haven’t got anything up and could do with better pedestrian access. At the moment, you have to walk quite a long way down the road to cross. Each day, I see old a lot of old people struggling to cross.”

Paul Daltrey, part owner of The Broadway Barber Shop, said: “I think it would improve access to the area for people who can’t get here because of the traffic planning by the council.”