Worthing Steyne Rotary needs more women

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WORTHING Steyne Rotary club has put out an appeal for more women to join.

The club has women members, but would like more.

David Chapman, publicity officer for the group, said: “Rotary is often seen as something of a male preserve, and we are keen to dispel this image and make people aware that it is open to women as well.

“Joining Rotary is satisfying and fun and easy to do. Do you think you could spare the time to help deserving causes and also meet people from different walks of life?”

Some of the women members have spoken of how much they enjoy being members.

Brenda Duffin said: “There is definitely a feel-good factor in working with an organisation which helps so many deserving causes both at home and abroad.

“There is also a social side to the club, which I wasn’t expecting as I knew nothing about Rotary before I joined. I had always thought it was just for businessmen. Far from it, there are many women in the various clubs and we certainly provide a different slant to the events arranged.”

Kim Woodley added: “To be a member of a club, where the motto is Service Above Self, is something I find incredibly fulfilling and it has become a central part of my life.”

To find out more about the club, call secretary Alan Green on 01903 266817.