Worthing support group needs volunteers

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A CHARITY dedicated to tackling loneliness and isolation among older people wants to launch a third Worthing support group.

But in order to do so, Contact the Elderly desperately needs people to sign up as volunteers.

It currently operates two friendship groups in the area, which organise monthly Sunday tea parties which offer a regular and vital friendship link to older people who live alone. Each elderly member is collected from their home by a volunteer driver, and taken to a volunteer host’s home, where they join a small group for an afternoon of tea, talk and companionship.

Worthing resident Robert Walker has signed up to be the third group’s volunteer co-ordinator, but to get the group off the ground volunteer drivers and hosts are still needed.

Contact the Elderly’s regional development officer for Sussex, Julia Rivas, said: “The charity is committed to offering a lifeline of friendship to the oldest and loneliest people, but our hopes of extending this lifeline for older people in Worthing are reliant on local volunteer drivers and hosts coming on board to help Robert out.

“Anyone who can spare a couple of hours one Sunday a month, has a driving licence, a car, and a capacity for drinking tea, is eligible!”

“I’m calling for anyone who is interested in giving something back to their community to please get in touch with me as soon as possible.”

To volunteer, contact Julia on 01273 401569.