Worthing woman claimed she was abused by Savile

It has come to light that a Worthing woman claimed she was indecently assaulted by BBC television presenter Jimmy Savile.

Sussex Police this week revealed that in March, 2008, they received a report from a 59-year-old woman who claimed she was indecently assaulted by Savile, who died in October last year.

She claimed it happened between May and September, 1970, at an address in Worthing. Police confirmed initial enquiries were made, but said the woman made it clear at the outset that she was unwilling to co-operate in any investigation or to support any prosecution,

A police spokesman said: “It was, therefore, not possible to pursue the matter. We take all such reports seriously, however long ago the period they relate to, but in this case it was not possible to progress any investigation.”

It comes as a woman contacted Sussex Police from abroad last week to claim she was also sexually assaulted by Savile in Brighton in 1966, when she was aged nine.

They said the offence was not reported to police at the time or since then, until last week.