Worthing woman’s fox shock

Valerie Macquarrie was shocked to find a fox in her home''Picture by Gerald Thompson W52002P10
Valerie Macquarrie was shocked to find a fox in her home''Picture by Gerald Thompson W52002P10

A WORTHING grandmother who found an intruder in her home said she was angered after the police, RSPCA and council refused to help her.

The intruder – a cunning fox – got inside Valerie Macquarrie’s Wenban Road home through a cat flat in her front door.

Valerie, 71, said: “I was in the kitchen when I heard a huge commotion, a clatter, and thought someone was in the house.

“I went into the lounge and was shocked to see this vicious-looking creature staring up at me.”

Valerie and her husband Don, 52, phoned 999 but were told the police could not help.

Then she called Worthing Council’s environmental department, who also said they were unable to do anything, and finally she tried the RSPCA, thinking the animal charity would be more helpful.

“None of them wanted to know,” said Valerie.

“They all said foxes were not in their remit, so what was I supposed to do? I was hardly going to shoo it away myself.”

Valerie eventually called her gardener, who was able to coax the fox through the house and back out through the front door.

The pensioner added: “What I want to know is, what are people supposed to do in that situation, faced with such an intimidating creature?”

A Worthing Council spokeswoman said: “Foxes are wild animals. Local authorities have no obligation to remove foxes.”

The RSPCA said the charity can remove foxes from people’s homes on some occasions, but said the animal was better dealt with by the organisation The Fox Project or Worthing and District Animal Rescue Service.

Billy Elliott, from WADARS, said people should contact the charity if a fox was causing problems.

“It is very rare for a fox to go inside a house. We only deal with about two foxes a year which have gone inside people’s homes when they are sick – they are more terrified of us than we are of them.

“The best thing to do is shut them in the room and call us. WADARS does not charge for any service, we work on a donation only basis.”

WADARS can be contacted on 01903 217788.