Young specials save elderly man’s life

Alex Brown and Robert Teear with Ron Watkinson
Alex Brown and Robert Teear with Ron Watkinson

THE daughter of a man whose life was saved by two special constables after he suffered a heart-attack has said she will be forever in there debt.

Janice Bruford, 52, of Warren Road, Worthing, had been to watch the Rotary carnival with her husband, mum, and dad, 84 year-old, Ron Watkinson. The four of them had just set off in a car, heading along Marine Parade towards Goring Gap, when the incident started.

Janice said: “My husband noticed my dad gasping for breath. I turned around and my dad appeared unconscious and swaying with the motion of the car. My mum and I shouted to him but there was no response. The colour drained from his face, he looked dead.”

Janice’s husband noticed a police car in Richmond Road as he rushed to get Ron to Worthing hospital. Janice explained to them what had happened and asked if they knew first aid.

Janice and her husband pulled Ron from their car and PC Alex Brown, 21, began administering life-saving CPR. As he did, his colleague, Robert Teear, 20, called an ambulance and police before going to assist the family.

For the full story, see the Wothing Herald, Thursday, September 5.