Young Worthing actor in America move

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A Worthing-born actor’s gamble to move to America to pursue his dream career is starting to pay off.

Charles Warburton, 22, who lived in St Botolph’s Road, Worthing, moved to Manhattan two years ago after gaining a place at a drama school.

He went to school at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Chatsmore Catholic High School and then Worthing College, before making the move across the Atlantic.

Now graduated, he has been signed up by a theatre company and he will start work in the new year.

He said: “The theatre is very avant-garde and explorative so I am thoroughly looking forward to it.

“I was apprehensive but people started saying, ‘the worst that can happen is you live in New York City for a year, what a shame,’ so I went.

“It was scary at first as I was only 20 and knew nobody, but it’s a big city, everyone is alone so you make friends quickly.”

Charles’ love for acting started at an early age.

“I have very early memories of acting right back to about five or six years old, my mum is in the arts so I blame her for it,” he said.

Although his main love is for theatre, Charles said he wouldn’t close the door on Hollywood. He said: “As an actor, you are not in control of your own career. You go to the auditions, work as hard as humanly possible, read as much as you can, ignore rejection and stay healthy and hope for the best.

“As long as I felt I was a good fit for the part and the story had something solid to say, I would love to do it.”

Charles returns to Worthing several times a year to see his family.

He says his parents were very supportive of the move and it is nice to come home occasionally..

He added: “It’s great, it is so relaxing to be at home.

“I could not ask for more supportive parents, they are the best.

“When I was debating all the negatives about going to the States, my mum was practically packing my bags.”

For the time being, the actor will remain in New York but he has not ruled out a return to England.

He explained: “I would like to live in London at some point.”