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Your letters

I’m trying to decipher your front-page headline ‘Birdman is worth £1m.’ Unfortunately, the more I read it the more I can’t help but feel it’s ambiguous at best, misleading at worst.

Your story states that the Town Centre Initiative has estimated global publicity from the event to be worth £1m.

That’s not £1m to the town, just that the publicity itself was worth £1m. I read that to mean how much it would have cost to secure the same level of coverage through paid-for advertising (this is a standard metric used in the publicity / PR industry called advertising equivalency).

Of course, this doesn’t translate directly to actual value for the town in terms of increased spend or investment. It’s simply a measure of publicity success, suggesting increased exposure and awareness of the event and Worthing.

So, which one is it? ‘Birdman publicity is worth £1m’ or ‘Birdman is worth £1m to town.’

They are very different things, with very different implications for traders, council bodies and others investing in this event. Perhaps you could clarify the Town Centre Initiative’s statement?

Tim Deluca-Smith



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