20mph limit: We’ve started a 20mph petition

Myself and the residents of Lindum Road have a petition to hand to the councillors, stating that we want the speed limit reduced to 20mph as our road has cars speeding at up to 60mph.

The road has been monitored by the highways department, and has proved that the vehicles are travelling at excessive speeds.

The elderly residents, especially, take their lives in their hands trying to cross the road and people on mobility scooters have to go out of their way to try to find a safer place to cross.

Every resident you speak to complains about the erratic driving and the noise of the speeding vehicles – we all want to live in a safer area and keep Worthing a nice place to live.

We want all residential roads in Worthing to become 20mph zones to reduce injury and death caused by erratic and excessive speed.

Roger Lovland

Lindum Road, Worthing