A bad system

Worthing Council should have rejected the expensive 20 is Plenty scheme and put the consultation money towards resurfacing the roads.

A lot of the time it is not possible to drive at 20mph. but when the road and pavements can be seen to be clear few people would drive so slowly. I doubt that many supporters of the scheme who actually drive would.

This is driving according to conditions as taught by the driving schools.

Those who drive above a safe speed will continue to do so as is happening in Brighton.

The schemes supporters just repeat that you are more likely to be killed if hit at 30mph instead of 20. They don’t consider what effect the limit would actually have.

Now the number of accidents in Portsmouth involving cyclists and pedestrians is second only to London. We have already seen one fatal accident in the 20 limit zone in Brighton. We can expect to see more.

Our road system can be likened to the veins in the human body. The minor roads are needed when the major ones are clogged up. The economic health of the country depends on free flowing traffic and low cost travel.

These zones and unnecessary charges on motoring are the equivalent of a sort of thrombosis. We must stop it from spreading.

It is up to motorists who think, rather than drive by numbers, to register their objections in the consultation.

Chris Gould

Georgia Avenue